“Food and drinking holds together body and soul.”
This old national wisdom has with us also even today his validity. Our map promises beside traditional courts interesting herbal recipes and typical dishes from the region which change according to season. Very much is liked with us in the house Wednesday evening in we our guests always with a new subject surprise. A palatal joy are also our wines. A choice of more than 20 wines from the sunny situations of the home and foreign countries offers you our Vinothek.

In the restaurant you can with draw after end of work in comfortable round in the bar with an in-house, freshly tapped Moor hunter festival beer or bar Bräu Pils. Their opinion is important to us. Value our restaurant and our service.

Special value is placed of the individual festival consultation with festivities in our house which applies from the menu about the space decoration up to the music choice. Groups from 5 people are spoilt in suitably fitted rooms.

We would particularly like to emphasise a service of our house. Our boss, Evelyn Westermann, is health adviser with Auszeichung. This can feast with us in the house Person with food quarrelsomeness or allergies completely calmly. Appeal to us, our boss discusses you with pleasure.